With temperatures getting lower during fall, you will need to get your tankless water heaters ready. Your tankless water heater will heat your water on demand, and this can come in handy when the weather is cold. While these units will probably indicate when maintenance is due, you must not wait for things to go wrong. Instead, you should arrange for maintenance, which you should ideally do just before fall. If you have hard water, you can also do two or three maintenances a year. Apart from maintenance, you should replace your tankless water heaters every 20 years. Here’s how you can get your tankless water heaters ready for fall.

Prepare the Water Heater

To flush tankless water heaters, first, switch off the gas or power and the cold water supply. You must also shut off the hot water valve that moves water from the heater to the house. Once that is done, connect a regular hose to the sump pump’s outlet and to the heater’s cold isolation valve. The next step will be to attach another end to your water heater’s hot-water isolation valve. You should then place this end and the one from the pump in a five-gallon container. You can use a bucket filled with five gallons of unused white vinegar.

Flush the Water Heater

With the hose in the bucket, open cold and hot isolation valves and switch on the sump pump. The moment the pump turns on, the vinegar will start circulating in the unit. Leave it for at least 45 minutes, then throw out the vinegar and put fresh water in the bucket. Use the water to flush the water heater for about five minutes.

Flush the Air Intake Filter

As you are flushing the heater, you must also clean the air intake filter. This is the filter that blocks debris from getting into the heater. Therefore, you must clean it to ensure that air keeps flowing smoothly into the heater. To access the filter, first, remove the heater’s faceplate. For more specific steps, you can consult your heater’s manual. After you get the filter out, clean it with water and dry it before putting it back.

While tankless water heater maintenance might not be fun, if you do it consistently, you’ll significantly improve its life expectancy and save both time and money in the long run. For help, reach out to your local plumbing company and get the care you need.