Clogged Pipes

Leaky Faucets & Pipes

We can get those leaks repaired quickly and efficiently, saving you money.

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Garbage Disposals

Don't keep being bothered by problematic garbage disposals and dishwasher issues.

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Sewer Lines

Our certified plumbers are experts at sewer line repair and replacement for compromised lines.

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Septic Tanks

Our certified septic tank technicians have mastered septic systems & leach field installations.

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Clogged Pipes

If your sink, shower or toilet is clogged or draining slowly now is the time to get it fixed!

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Is your sink, shower or toilet clogged?

If your sink, shower or toilet is backed up or starting to drain slowly now is the time to get it fixed and keep your plumbing system flowing smoothly.   Don't just ignore the problem until it gets even worse.  You can trust our expert technicians at PlumbSmart to always get this dirty job done right. 

When you hire PlumbSmart to fix your sink & shower drains or to clear a backed-up toilet, you are always getting expert-level service from the best plumbers around. We proudly serve Asheville, NC & all surrounding areas.

To discuss your plumbing system repair needs, call PlumbSmart today at (828) 761-6882.  We have same-day appointments available.

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Comprehensive Drain Cleaning Services

Our drains carry your wastewater out of your home. When they aren’t working effectively, it can become unpleasant quickly. Knowing the warning signs of a problem can help you call in our drain cleaning professionals before your plumbing system breaks down.

Drain Cleaning Services

Symptoms of struggling drains include:

Detecting leaks within slabs

Drain cleaning

Fixing broken, collapsed or misaligned pipes

Improving water flow

Inspecting using video equipment

Performing preventative maintenance

Removing and repairing sewer lines due to roots

Removing blockages caused by grease buildup

Removing foreign objects

Repairing broken seals between pipes

Repairing or replacing sewer lines

Repairing or replacing water lines

Replacing substandard pipe materials

Whole house repiping of water and/or sewer lines

Looking for a no interest option?

We can also offer a 12 Month, No Payment, No Interest Option.