About Us

Meet the Owner, Don Hilderbrand

The year was 1982 I just finished my summer job at the boardwalk in the Salinas valley of central California in Santa Cruz, no idea that I was getting ready to start my plumber Asheville career. Didn’t have much going on and was looking for something to do that I could do on the weekends while in school. Friend of mine at the time, Eric, his dad and family owned a fire sprinkler installation company. His dad offered me a job digging ditches and doing grunt work on the weekends. I never realized installing fire mains could be such hard work. The pipe is Ductile iron and it is extremely heavy. The work itself was very challenging, learning how to join the pipe, make the fittings thread the smaller connections and compress the larger connections was definitely a challenge but to this day has helped me become a better plumber Asheville. Spending all day in the sun digging ditches and laying pipe was a very rewarding job. I never realized that fluid dynamics in physics played such an important part in moving water.

I was young and all I knew about being a plumber Asheville is that when you turn the tap on or you needed water we just turned on the valve and water came out. Eric‘s dad taught me a lot about the physics of water. From time to time Eric‘s dad would send Eric and I out on service calls for sprinkler heads and other fire sprinkler issues. It was here that I received my first real lesson and exposure to working directly with the public one on one. Walking into houses or into businesses and communicating with people about their needs and things they liked and didn’t about water dripping on areas really showed me how much treating people well as their plumber Asheville mattered. Many days in doing this work I would find myself in the shop cutting and threading drops for sprinkler heads. I would cut and thread pipe anywhere from three-quarter inch all the way up to 2 inch. This taught me how to do the math needed and the correct measurements needed for if I needed to take a pipe so far from the wall so far from an offset it really taught me a lot although at the time I thought I was being punished because I did something wrong. What I didn’t realize was Eric‘s dad was preparing me for a future as a plumber Asheville that I never really saw on the horizon.

After serving time in the army I found myself in Clarksville Tennessee. I took on a job site and did various things for people. Sometimes I would be bagging groceries other times I would be mowing lawns cutting firewood for working around horses and animals. I went to work for a Global construction company named BE&K construction. It was here that I found myself in western North Carolina in Canton at the paper Mill. It was a very large renovation rejuvenation project going on at the time. And it was here that I was exposed to very heavy industrial work. Climbing steel working high up on lifts and working off of ropes and harnesses really allowed me to know and experience industrial construction. I traveled with the company a couple of times but always found myself back in Western North Carolina. After getting out of the military and wanting to further my education I decided that I would enroll at the local college for an electronics engineering degree where I earned my associates degree in that. I learned a lot about programming computers, relay switches, solenoids and many other electronic devices. While I was in school I also had a full-time job with a local mechanical contractor. I’m in a very diverse group of people working here many of whom I call friends today. We did a lot of construction and building and work in and around Asheville North Carolina. I enjoyed the work that I did and really enjoyed the friendships that I made and the education that I received while working. After graduating college I received a job from an electronics manufacturing wireless infrastructure company. This position allowed me to travel and see lots of our great country. However, no matter what I did I was always doing something mechanical wise long before evening becoming a plumber Asheville. I decided to go back into the plumbing and mechanical trades and started working for various contractors around the area. While working for these contractors and getting to see and experience a lot of people in the area I found out that there was something lacking in what I as a plumber Asheville felt was needed. It was because of this need that my wife Cindy and I decided to create PlumbSmart technologies. Now PlumbSmart plumbing and drain.

How PlumbSmart was Born!

In July 2008 this venture became a reality. Although we didn’t know how we were going to do it and we didn’t really know what it was going to look like we knew that providing good quality plumbing services to customers while helping to explain their options and explain the things they could do would give them peace of mind and assurance that they were getting something good. We have been graced over the years to provide great service and good quality work to all of our customers. Many of the customers that we interact with have become returning customers. We have contractors that we have done work for for many years and we have individual clients that we have done work on multiple homes for. Having grown over the years and having the privilege to work around some really great plumber Asheville people has allowed us to become part of a fantastic organization called PHCC. The PHCC is the plumbing heating and cooling contractors Association. This is a national organization and we’ve also become part of the state association. And working with this organization and seeing the great opportunities information and knowledge that this organization brings a few fellow contractors and myself decided to form a local chapter under the state chapter. This local WNC chapter of PHCCNC brings knowledge and information to all plumbing heating and cooling contractors in the area. This organization allows for a free exchange of information and knowledge from legislation down through code officials inspectors and contractors alike.

Counties We Serve

With the growth of PlumbSmart technologies we have grown our team of plumber Asheville technicians to serve Buncombe and Henderson County along with all of the surrounding counties in the area. We service Haywood County Madison County McDowell County Rutherford County Transylvania county Polk county Swain County and many others in the area.